19, born and raised in Illinois, and there’s much more to me than what I lead people to believe. I’m not simple, so don’t try to analyze me, because you won’t succeed. I’m confident, never cocky nor arrogant, you won’t catch me lying because a) I’m a fantastic liar (I am a retail salesman after all) and b) I don’t like to lie (unless it’s for a good cause [like a surprise of some sort]) given that I’m probably one of the most most trustworthy person you’ll know. Like the majority of people, I had a rough past, but you get through it with no regrets because, in the end, it shapes you up to the person you are now, in which I’m quite content with. Many (and many is just an understatement) people say they love music, and yet they listen to the same rehash, half-assed songs on the radio which leads to me believe that they, in fact, don’t like music at all, but just noise! Anyways, enough of me rambling on, it makes me seem arrogant the more I write about myself…yeah…but this is my blog with no real “theme” other than what’s on my mind, so I hope you enjoy. :)